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Who We Are
We are David, Kate, Anne and Thea. We live in far northern California, at the base of beautiful Mt. Shasta.

Years ago, we recognized the need for something tangible to support spiritual practice in the everyday world. We found, as others have, that malas helped carry our spiritual focus into all aspects of daily life. Making malas gradually evolved as part of our practice.

Our Mission
Malas seem to speak directly to the heart. The range of spirituality is very wide and individuals are often drawn to very different styles and "feels," of malas. Part of our mission is to assist in this-to provide unique malas and help individuals find the one right for them. As a result, our malas are very different one from the other,from the light to the earthy, from amethyst to onyx, from sandalwood to rosewood and bodhi seed.
The Process
Shakya Design is truly a family endeavor. Together we actively search for components, large and small, which help the mala realize itself. We generally use components that have been part of religious traditions for thousands of years.
David (Dad) is the Shakya Design photographer. All of the product shots and beautiful atmospheric photographs on the Shakya Design website are taken by him. Kate (Mom) is the designer. She designs each jewelry and mala piece for appropriatness and beauty. Anne (my sister) makes the presentation cases for the mala cases from tree free paper. I (Thea!) do all the actual mala and jewelry construction. I also design and maintain the website and also am the person you will speak to in our "customer service" department! Allyssa (my daughter) sometimes likes to help by sorting beads.

There is a mental process as well as a physical one. During the construction process, we try to work from the mind of meditation and pure intention, believing that the attitude of mind in which a mala is designed and constructed is both an offering and an important part of the mala.

In the final step, we light incense and bless each mala. We sincerely hope that we have done our best and that it will find its true owner and be of service on his or her Path.
When the mala is finished, we put it in a presentation case, made of hand-made, tree-free paper. This paper comes from a small village factory in India, which uses agricultural and garment left-overs, such as silk scraps, grasses and flowers. This helps in a small way to support their village economy and contributes to the awareness of the unique beauty of non-tree paper.

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