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"Thea, With each mala, it is clear that you put a great deal of care and love into your work. I have seen many malas in the past, and I have never seen any that are made as well and with so much creativity and obvious spiritual inspiration. The materials you use are of great quality and very unique. I never knew how a mala could really speak to me, but with my new malas, it is clear that they do. I also love the mala cases. They are made very well and absolutely gorgeous. The kindness and concern you demonstrated while working with me has made the transaction even that much more enjoyable. I will echo others in saying that I was very pleasantly suprised at how fast I received my products. I received them on the east coast in 2-3 days. Thank you again for your work."

Bill M., Earlville, MD

"Thank you so much for the promt delivery of my beautiful Bodhi seed mala and mala bracelet. I searched the web for hours looking at malas and kept going back to your website time and time again. I listened to my intuition and am so glad I did. The craftsmanship is outstanding and once I read your "about us", I felt you were a company with great integrity that put care and reverence in your pieces..."

Darlene P., Higley, AZ
March 21, 2007

"You win the award for the fastest order processing and shipping for anything I have ordered ever. I placed my order on December 5th. I received my order today (December 07). More importantly, thank you for the beautiful malas. The pictures on your web site simply do them no justice. The craftmanship far exceeded my expectations. The beauty in their presentation and care taken to package and send them is greatly appreciated. Thank you again."

Brian K., Avon, NY
December 07, 2006

"My parcel arrived today. What a lovely suprise! Though I was prepared for well wrought items, one really cannotfind words to describe how well and with what attention these malas and other items are constructed. Knowing that they are wrought in a loving, prayerful and meditative attitude, too, makes one more appreciative of their intrinsic worth. Such care shows in each small knot."

Richard L., San Francisco, CA

"I just want you to know that I was greatly impressed by the originality and workmanship of your malas. Usually I would pray a purification prayerover it but I could immediately feel an aura of benevolence and loving-kindness coming from it that I knew I couldn't deprive my mala of that."

Kiki E.C., San Antonio, TX

"I think your malas have re-invigorated my practice in a way I had not expected. I'm an extremely tactile person--I seem to get a lot of feedback through my hands. So what I hold can't be just anything. I'm really very grateful to you."

C.S., New York, NY

"From the reverent, stunning website, to each conscious knot in each prayerful Mala, Thea and her family em-bodytheir work with love. It is a pleasure to be able to order objects that assist in the art of prayer, and myReiki and Yoga practice, from people 'with heart and soul.' Thank you Shakya Design-ers!"

E.B.H., Teaneck, NJ

"I received my rosewood mala from you today and just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. The quality of your product, the care that goes into its presentation and the promptness in filling an orderfrom 'way down under' is to be commended."

Ian M., Australia

"I just received my adjustable Bodhi wrist mala and am more than impressed at the quality of their workmanship! Wonderful is all I can say! WOW, this customer is very pleased! I will be coming back for more and Theastands behind her workmanship!"

W.G.G., Las Vegas, NV

"I just received the Bodhi Seed bracelet mala I ordered just 5 days ago. I am amazed by the care that wentnot only into the creation of this beautiful mala, but into its prompt and careful shipment. Thank you for thiswonderful reminder of mindfulness..."

W.B.B., Tallahassee, FL

"Your malas and jewelry are remarkable, and I have begun to give them as gifts. Friends whohave seen your work always have the same reaction: they are totally impressed and want to findout where it comes from. I want to tell everyone about Shakya Design! Thanks again for yourremarkable malas. My rosewood hand mala goes almost everywhere with me."

M.C., Payson, AZ

"I received my beautiful endless-knot mala today in its lovely gift case! I was in awe of its beauty and stunning detail. I absolutely couldn't wait to wear it and use it, so I said prayers with it in the car while waiting in rush-hour traffic--what a difference! Blessings!"

D.A., Austin, TX

"The care and meditation that went into the creation of my beautiful mala are deeply appreciated."

W. M., Seattle, WA

"The mala you made for me has been my constant prayer partner. Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship."

B.N., Albany, OR

"Dear people from Shakya Design, You have been courteous, patient and encouraging. This will be part of the value I put into this wrist mala. My gratitude."

F.S., Lucia, CA

"Thank you so much for the bracelet malas-they are so lovely, it is a pleasure to have them in our store. I have enjoyed working with you very much."

"S," Buddhist retreat center, CA

"I have used your malas over the years for everyday wear and ceremonial use. Your craftsmanship and thoughtful design are an example of utmost quality."

T.S., Mt. Shasta, CA

"I want to thank you so much for the beautiful malas you provided us with. Our guests were very happy with them."

S., J., & J., Buddhist retreat center, CA

"All the pieces give me joy and I just want to thank you for the care that you take-they are fabulous and sacred. I enjoy mine everyday."

D.T., MD, Albany, CA

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