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  Properties of Beads and Components

The following information has been gathered from many sources. It is offered in hopes that it might assist people in finding a mala or item most suitable for them or for the person receiving their gift. It is not meant to be medically diagnostic in any way.

Carnelian Hand Mala Prayer Beads
Carnelian Hand Mala
with Red Agate

Quan Yin Agate Necklace
White Agate Quan Yin
AGATE- Fosters love, longevity, energy, courage, self-confidence, balance and harmony and calming of the emotions. Considered a protective and healing stone. Inspires an appreciation of nature. (Tibetan Dzi beads are agate.)

(BLUE LACE) AGATE- Supports self-confidence and a sense of peace. Helps with chronic sadness and sleep disorders. Historically valued as symbolizing the radiance of a blue lotus.

Rosewood Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Moss Agate
Rosewood Bracelet Mala
with Moss Agate
Mammoth Ivory Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Amber
Mammoth Ivory Bracelet Mala
with Amber
(MOSS) AGATE- Fosters stability, persistence, grounding, abundance and creativity. Encourages trust and hope. Considered the most powerful agate to help balance emotional energy.

 AMBER- Facilitates purification and fosters wisdom energy, balance, patience, calmness and altruism. Supports healing and has protective qualities. It is associated with joy and releasing depression, helplessness and grief.

Amethyst Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Moonstone Tibetan Bead
Amethyst Bracelet Mala
with Moonstone Tibetan Bead
Aventurine Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Lotus Seed
Aventurine Bracelet Mala
with Lotus Seed
AMETHYST- Enhances spiritual awareness, vivid dreams, meditation and balance. Very healing. Felt to help with stress and addiction. Supports positive transformation and understanding of death and rebirth. February birthstone.

AVENTURINE- Helps with anxiety and imparts a sense of emotional well being. Can stimulate creativity, self-reliance, imagination and balance.

Black Onyx Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads<br>with 'OM'
Black Onyx Bracelet Mala with 'OM'
Bodhi Seed Mala Prayer Beads
Bodhi Seed Mala
BLACK ONYX- Fosters regeneration, vitality, intuition, contentment, self-control, virtue, tenacity, happiness. Nurtures general strengthening. Helps balance and ground. Considered a protective stone. Can assist with life’s challenges and reduce energy drain.

BODHI SEED- Bodhi seeds are the medium to dark brown seeds of the Indian Bodhi tree. Bodhi seed is rich in tradition. It was under the Bodhi tree that Buddha Shakyamuni sat at his Enlightenment. Thus Bodhi seed represents spiritual promise and possibility—the nurturing of the seed of Enlightenment within each of us. Bodhi seed malas are thought to promote concentration and awareness. They are widely used Tibetan Buddhism.

Bone Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Bone Endless Knot
Bone Bracelet Mala with Endless Knot
Carnelian Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Endless Knot
Carnelian Bracelet Mala with Endless Knot
BONE- Bone malas are traditionally used for contemplation on impermanence and death. Fosters vitality and strength. In Tibet, the use of yak bone in spiritual practice is intended to honor the service of those animals that have died naturally. It is often carved into many of the symbols used in Buddhist practice.

CARNELIAN- Fosters warmth, creativity, self-esteem, memory, harmony, courage, vitality and joy of living. Supports acceptance of death and restores the natural energy flows in the body.  

Aventurine Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Lotus Seed
Citrine Bracelet Mala with Amber
Conch Shell Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Conch ShellBracelet Mala
CITRINE- Helps one find inner clarity, direction, self-expression. Fosters creativity, generosity, stability, comfort, truth, prosperity, and enjoyment of life. Can help to balance and dissipate negative energy and support spiritual growth. Felt to support digestion. Facilitates an opening of the heart. November birthstone.

CONCHSHELL- Considered the ‘voice of Buddha’. Said to awaken us from ignorance. Conch shells are blown to summon practitioners to religious ceremonies. In Hinduism, Vishnu blew a conch shell and made the first sound of creation, ‘aum’. Used at beginning of Hindu sacred rituals to purify the environment.

Coral Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Turquoise
Coral Bracelet Mala
with Turquoise
Rosewood Mala Prayer Beads with Prayer Wheel
Rosewood Mala
with Copper Prayer Wheel
CORAL- Can support in strengthening love, friendship, contentment, joy, vitality and is considered protective against negative energy. Opens the heart to love and the beauties of the natural world. The combination of coral and turquoise is highly prized in Tibetan culture and many malas have this combination of beads.

COPPER- Said to enhance purification, communication, self-esteem, and courage. Facilitates energy flow, and fosters truth.

CLEAR QUARTZ (quartz crystal)- Believed to facilitate transformation and awakening, and supports positive thoughts, pureness of heart, meditation, harmony and love. Felt to amplify prayers, visualizations and spiritual wisdom. Has healing and purifying effects on both the body and mind.

GARNET- Felt to enhance true friendship and harmony in relationships. Supports faith, devotion, consistency, truth, will power, and self-confidence. Considered a healing stone. Birthstone - January.

Gold Plated Dorje
Gold Plated Dorje
Rosewood Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Jade
Rosewood Bracelet Mala
with Nephrite Jade
GOLD- Has gentle healing effects and combines well with semi-precious stones. Said to support the function of the nervous system. Fosters diligence, love, virtue, happiness, moral excellence, generosity, positive thoughts, good humor.

JADE (JADITE)– Fosters wisdom, compassion, tranquility, balance, moderation, stability, fertility, receptiveness and longevity. Helps one to live in harmony with the laws of nature and spirit, and also to understand one’s dreams. Birthstone- March.

VIOLET (LAVENDER) JADE- Associated with love, beauty and security. It is felt to have strong energy effect among the jades. It supports mental and emotional healing.

NEPHRITE JADE- Has protective qualities and is considered a healing stone. Promotes peace, calming, harmony, courage, generosity, humility, longevity. Birthstone- March.

Silver Leaf Jasper with Silver Hand in Vitarka Mudra
<Silver Leaf Jasper
with Silver Hand in Vitarka Mudra
Lapis Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Lapis Bracelet Mala
JASPER- Supports empathy, self-awareness, memory, relaxation, contentment, compassion, serenity and healing.

LAPIS LAZULI- Associated with openness, truth, tranquility, love, inner power, intuition, and a sense of mystery, wonder and inner healing. Associated with the healing of the Medicine Buddha who holds a lapis lazuli bowl of healing nectar. Birthstone- December.

Lotus Seed Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Lotus Seed Bracelet Mala
Malachite Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Malachite Bracelet Mala
LOTUS SEED-The lotus seed is a symbol of spiritual knowledge and growth, as well as of purity and birth. Calming and helps concentration. Connected with Quan Yin and with Lakshmi.

MALACHITE- Promotes balance, peace, joy of life, deeper understanding, love, faithfulness, inner clarity, positive transformation. Helps reduce negativity and has healing and protective properties.

Mammoth Ivory Mala Prayer Beads with Quan Yin
Mammoth Ivory Quan Yin Mala
Moonstone Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Moonstone Bracelet Mala
MAMMOTH IVORY-From the tusks of the mammoth, a species that became extinct 10,000 years ago. Varies in color from off- white to various shades of brown.

MOONSTONE- Fosters humanitarian love, unselfishness, hope, abundance, wisdom, mothering, and better awareness of our emotions. Considered protective for women and thought to have a balancing and harmonizing effect on women’s emotions.

Obsidian Hotei Necklace
Obsidian Hotei Necklace
Double Dorje with Opal
Double Dorje
with Opal
OBSIDIAN-Linked with introspection, inner growth, positive change, stability, purification and fulfillment. Assists in seeing one’s illusions and misconceptions. Also considered healing for the nervous system.

OPAL- Helps harmonize emotional life and helps with depression. Enhances peace, love, faithfulness. Birthstone- October.

Mother of Pearl 'OM' Necklace
Mother of Pearl 'OM'
Mother of Pearl Lotus Necklace
Mother of Pearl Lotus
PEARL- Enhances purity, concentration, serenity, wisdom, honesty. Birthstone- June.

MOTHER OF PEARL- Stimulates intuition, imagination and sensitivity. Helps with fear and calms and balances the emotions. Supports relaxation and stress relief and mental clarity. Considered a protective stone. Said to carry the healing power of the sea.

'Om' with Peridot Necklace
'OM' with Peridot
Riverstone Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Gold Plated 'Om'
Riverstone Bracelet Mala with Gold Plated 'Om'
PERIDOT- Inspires renewal, rebirth, intuition and growth. Promotes inner harmony, health, recuperative abilities, stress reduction and comfort. Considered to support the immune system. Called a stone to help heal the healers. Birthstone- August.

RIVERSTONE- Accelerates change and helps one to move through a process more quickly. Can assist in meditation to facilitate and deepen spiritual awareness and to ground. Helps to harmonize mind and body.

Rose Quartz Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Gold Plated Hand in Vitarka
Rose Quartz Bracelet Mala
with Gold Hand in Vitarka Mudra
Rosewood Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Amethyst
Rosewood Bracelet Mala with Amethyst
ROSE QUARTZ- Fosters a sense of calm aNd peace. Nurtures gentleness, forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion and helps in opening the heart to all forms of love. A soothing and uplifting stone.

ROSEWOOD- Rosewood, sometimes called red sandalwood, is a traditional wood used for mala beads in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It has warming properties and protects from negative energy. It is felt to enhance spiritual healing and also to be supportive of the immune system. Rosewood develops a rich dark sheen with use.

Ruby and Zualite Quan Yin Necklace
Ruby and Zualite Quan Yin
Rudraksha Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Gold Ganesh
Rudraksha Bracelet Mala
with Gold Ganesh
RUBY- A high energy stone, it fosters vitality, strength and increased stamina. Considered a protective stone. Supports love, confidence, courage and love of self and Spirit. Fosters service and devotion to others. Felt to calm hyperactivity, decrease negative thought patterns, and support adrenals.

RUDRAKSHA- A traditional and sacred Hindu mala bead. Rudraksha beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha tree and vary from light to dark brown to black. The name rudraksha comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “Eye of Shiva”. Rudraksha beads have differing numbers of segments or “faces,” often five, symbolic of the five faces of Shiva. It is believed to support meditative concentration, clarity, peace of mind and provide spiritual protection. On a physical level, rudraksha is said to support memory, relieve tension, and balance the nervous system.

SANDALWOOD- Sandalwood has been valued for its spiritual, medicinal, and aromatic properties for at least 2000 years. It is a traditional mala bead in the Buddhist tradition. It promotes tranquility, positivity, and spiritual awareness. It is considered supportive of meditation, calming and quieting the mind. It is felt to have protective properties, and to support the immune system.

SERPENTINE- Promotes mental and emotional balance. Enhances spiritual exploration and the deepening of wisdom. Considered a protective stone.

Silver 'OM' on Bodhi Leaf
Silver 'OM' on Bodhi Leaf
Smoky Quartz Mala (Prayer Beads)with Dragon
Smoky Quartz Mala Prayer Beads
with Dragon
SILVER-Promotes inner harmony, peace, grounding, meditation, hope, visions, mothering, and spiritual love and sensitivity. Considered transformer of energy and a healing substance. Often used in combination with healing stones.

SMOKY QUARTZ- Promotes calmness, fearlessness, positive thoughts, and stability, as well as realistic, grounded spirituality. Helps lift life energies, and increase joy of life. Said to help especially with grief and depression. Can help in simplifying our life.

Soapstone Buddha Necklace
Soapstone Buddha
Tagua Nut Necklace
Tagua Nut Necklace
SOAPSTONE-Supportive during transition times, helps one to let go of the old and move into the positive.

TAGUA NUT- Often called vegetable ivory. Used by natives of South and Central America to support emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Enhance will power and determination. Can help ease the death process.

Tigers Eye Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Tiger's Eye Bracelet Mala
Bodhi Seed Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with Tuquoise Long-Life Bead
Bodhi Seed Bracelet Mala
with Turquoise Long-Life Bead
TIGER'S EYE- A grounding stone; supports will power, personal empowerment, grace integrity and courage. Facilitates activating and strengthening the mind, and the ability to see more clearly, without illusion.

 TURQUOISE- Nurtures balance, healing, meditation, emotional sensitivity and positive thinking. Fosters empathy, honest communication, friendship, love and connects one with all life. The combination of turquoise and coral is highly prized in Tibetan culture and Tibetan malas often have this combination of beads. Birthstone December.

Conch Shell Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads
Smoky Quartz Bracelet Mala Prayer Beads with 'Om'
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