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Customer Scrapbook
We enjoy hearing where our malas have been. Here are some pictures our friends and customers have shared of themselves wearing their Shakya Design malas. We would love to have you send us yours.

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala
Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Laurie B.
on the summit of Mt. Everest

Laurie, the sixth U.S. woman to summit Mt. Everest via the North Col route and the 26th woman to make the summit (counting all routes) is wearing her rose quartz bracelet mala at the summit. Laurie lives in Lake Shastina, California and is a professional endurance athlete, motivational speaker, author and mother.

Way to go, Laurie!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Elizabeth B.H.
on the rooftop of her home in Greece

Elizabeth is practicing yoga on the rooftop of her home in Greece wearing two of her bracelet malas. Elizabeth lives in Teaneck, New Jersey and Greece and is a yoga instructor and author.

Nice form, Elizabeth!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing MalaShakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Thea C. (This is me!)
in Chichen Itza, Mexico

Here I am standing in front of the famous Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico wearing my favorite bracelet mala. I live in Mt. Shasta, California and...I made your mala!

No need for the gym today !!

Chris L. Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala
(and baby sloth) in Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, Chris became a certified yoga instructor. In the picture Chris, wearing his tigers eye mala, is holding an injured baby sloth which he took to an animal rescue center. Chris is also an ESL instructor and lives in Kingwood, TX.

We'll be looking for the new "baby sloth asana" from Chris!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Grover C.
at Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Grover is on vacation in Nepal. Wearing his bracelet mala, he's seen here with this gentle giant. He is a retired college professor and lives in Penn Valley, California.

Watch your toes, Grover!!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Richard, Lisa & Alexis M.
vacationing in Livorno, Italy

Richard and his wife Lisa (wearing their malas!) pose with their daughter Alexis for this family picture while vacationing in Italy. Richard and his family live in Brooklyn, NY.

Buon viaggio!!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Gregory, Myriam & Corinne
in Ainhoa, France

Gregory, Myriam and Corinne are all wearing their malas in Ainhoa, France where Corinne owns a perfume and cosmetics shop.

Aihao has been called one of the most beautiful villages in France. Who wants to meet for coffee??!!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Heather R.
in Central Park, New York

Heather (wearing her lapis bracelet mala) is taking a stroll through Central Park, New York. Her mala has been lucky enough to travel the world with Heather including Ecuador, Maui and Tahiti. Heather lives in Huntington Beach, California and is a Registered Nurse. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation.

Heather, your mala wants to know where to pack for next?

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Jay A.
Las Vegas, NV

Jay is a professional musician, living and working in Las Vegas, NV. He is currently with Walt Disney’s “The Lion King". Here he is wearing his bodhi seed and bone counter mala.

Hakuna Matata, Jay!!

Shakya Design Customer Wearing Mala

Monika J.
Portland, OR

Monika lives in Portland, Oregon. Here she is wearing her black onyx bracelet mala with conch shell and Ganesh charm while practicing Vinyasa Yoga.

Nice form, Monika!

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